Product features

  • It is a product made by hardening cellulose fibers and processing them into a plate shape.

Plate-shaped cellulose fiber mat: Brand name “Ecopulton”.
(It is a product that does not require special construction equipment and can be constructed in the same way as other heat insulating materials, and is less likely to cause the problem of powder scattering.)

  • High soundproofing performance
    (High soundproofing effect due to high density and porosity)
  • Insulation performance
    (thermal conductivity) 0.041W / mk * Measured with a product with a thickness of 50mm)
    [Compared to other heat insulating materials, it is said that the performance is less likely to deteriorate even in a humid environment]
  • Insect repellent performance, humidity control performance, flame retardant performance
    (Because boric acid is used as the raw material, it suppresses the generation of cockroaches and termites. It is also effective in preventing dew condensation.)
  • Since it is plate-shaped, it is easy to install in a house or a car.
    (Recommended for DIY)
  • It is easy to recycle when removing and disassembling, and the generation of dust is reduced.
Ecoparton microscope image (paper is deflated into cellulose fiber)

High density

The density of Ecoparton is as high as 90kg / m3 or more.

(General cellulose fiber density is 40-60kg / m3, in the case of wall blowing method)

Therefore, it has extremely high soundproofing and sound absorbing performance.

Compress and harden the cellulose fiber. Therefore, the density becomes high.

Custom specifications can be manufactured up to about 120 kg / m3.

Soundproofing performance

In addition to the soundproofing and sound absorbing properties of cellulose fiber itself, Ecoparton has extremely high soundproofing and sound absorbing performance due to its high density. In particular, its performance in the low range, which other soundproofing materials are not good at, is highly evaluated. (Fig. 1)
Not only houses but also automobile interiors, construction soundproofing, soundproof rooms, toilets, etc. are expanding.

Construction example in a house (Since it can be easily cut at the site, it can be constructed without gaps)
Fig.1 Soundproofing performance (comparison with general soundproofing and heat insulating materials. Measured by a third party)

How to use at home

When using it at home, it seems that many people wrap it in non-woven fabric.
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Insulation performance

Thermal conductivity 0.041W / mk (measured value of eco-parton thickness 50mm)

  • Measured with a thermal conductivity measuring device (for heat insulating material, HC-074) manufactured by Eiko Seiki Co., Ltd.

[Compared to other heat insulating materials, it is said that the performance is less likely to deteriorate even in a humid environment]

Flame-retardant test (JIS A1321 uses cellulose fiber conforming to flame-retardant grade 3)